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Oct 29, 2012 6:00pm PDT
age of a mile. we'll start at 7:00 this evening, we'll see fog pushing locally across the bay to some east bay loks and out over the peninsula. fog with the greatest densitty in the north bay. looking at conditions ahead, we'll look at -- let's try that again. high pressure is a dominant feature in the weather picture, we can see our next storm. starting at 7:00 wednesday after the noon. it will be cloudy. rain to the north. what happens sthau follow a time line that. front sweeps south ward. we'll see first wave the rain developing up in the north bay. then continuing sweeping south ward by 11:00 p.m. is just beginning to reach the east bay. will be a wet overnight period into thursday morning and thursday morning beginning rush hour at 5:00 we'll see lots of wet weather. sunny skies after morning fog nice mild afternoon upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. to our south highs in the 7. here is the accu-weather forecast. interesting forecast ahead with clouds and rain wednesday night. showers continue into thursday morning. drying out, warming up throughout the weekend. warmth just do
Oct 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to wear heavy woolen long sleeve shirts. more details in our local forecast coming up later. >> also, the local connection to the nanny murder case in new york. questions you should be asking if you're about to hire one. >> and a new milestone for bart tonight. taking you through the tunnel under a lake part of the ride to the south bay. stay with us. >>> voters will decide whether to tax sewed why and other beverages if it passes richmond will be the first city to oppose a penny per ounce tax on businesses that sell soft drimpbs. big money pouring into the campaign from outside of the bay area. abc 7 news is at richmond city hall with this battle. mark? >> this is where it started. measure n propose bid a city councilman, a retired doctor, heart specialist said after 30 years, he saw how obesity was taking a toll. he wanted to do something to stop it. studies have shown drinking sugar sweet yend drinks is linked to eeb ease ti in children. and the cardiologist convince aid majority to pult a measure on the november ballot that would tax soda and other sugary drinks using money to ma
Oct 23, 2012 6:00pm PDT
costa county killing the only person on board. local authorities say a plane was engulfed in flames. it went down about four miles northeast of byron airport near discovery bay. waits a home built experimental glass air three in nevada. investigators on the scene trying to work out what caused this plane to go down. >> police offering a $10,000 reward that left families devastated. carolyn tileler has the story. >> every day is another day. it's a struggle. to get up. it's just another day. without our children. >> felicia's son, 31-year-old deshaen jones was murdered along with his fiancee, 28-year-old ashley mills, six months pregnant with twins they were shot to death inside of their home. the night of september 6th. they leave behind tleerj children, and relatives who are in despair. >> i fate for night to come around. then, between two or pk i wake up, i don't go to sleep no more. it hurts real bad. >> crying and begging for it to not be true. >> investigators say two black men were spotted running from the scene of the crime police say was not random. the couple was targeted a
Oct 4, 2012 6:00pm PDT
they were both married and each has a grown daughter, one is a local contractor. the other, also a local business, and family man. >> we loved him so much. he knew we lived him. we told him all the time. and he's going to be missed by us. >> two victims were 50 and 58 and there are police not yet releasing their names. >> and laura, thank you. >> there city officials say they will call attention to a new version of an old crime fighting tool, asking for witnesses to come forward anonymously through text or e mail. it's a program they're calling tip watch. >> this is planly, violence occurs because it's allowed to continue. this is accepted on levels by individuals and by groups and that is not right. >> five people were killed raising the number killed by gun violence to 90 so far this year and there are residents saying oakland for the most part is a safe place to live. >> there is a lot of issues in pockets, if you're playing with the crowd then that is what is going to happen. >> and there are police saying people who submit tips cannot be identified. the information is enkriftd and w
Oct 14, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. a local woman makes good and won, boats 25,000 others. that's fantastic. >> leigh: great weather this morning for the runners there, and we're starting to get more in the way of high clouds, even low clouds venturing over the bay. let's look at the cam in the east bay. those high clouds making for a terrific sunset right now, but we had some concerns earlier this morning with some pockets of very dense fog, slowing down travel, reduced visibility, and we can seep that see narrow again tomorrow. here's a look at live doppler 7hd, showing you some of those high and mid-level clouds, mainly in the north bay. a littleow cloudiness near the coast. north bay, novato, even into sausolito. high clouds moving in and just a little bit of cloudiness starting to gather near the coast. daly city and the great highway right now showing low cloudiness and a little fog developing there. here's a look at our highs for today. warmed up nice limit 80 was the height for fairfield. 78 in antioch. 66 in san francisco. we have 76 degrees today in gilroy. temperatures starting to come down, although sti
Oct 21, 2012 6:00pm PDT
-shirt. speaking of sales, this home game means plenty of dollars changing hand for those selling jerseys and local watering holes and primo priced parking spaces. this game means another chance for giants to keep hope alive for fans, hoping to cheer through another world series. >> a team, we want to win, and if we win this year, we beat the team that won last year. >> giants fans want a replay of the magic we saw two years ago. >> 2010. now i need the 2012 right there. >> now, game six has got to be the hottest ticket in town, and for those of you who are wondering how hot a ticket it is, did ask a few people who were reselling their tickets. the going rate for an upper, upper level seat was $175. reporting live at at&t park, abc-7 news. >> terry: the only ticket hotter than game six would be game seven. >> mike: might be coming. giants got busy early on. scoring one run in the first, then topped that off with a four-run second. scutaro had a two-run double, and then the sandoval scores scutaro. vogelsong is dealing. highlights tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> in vallejo in an early morning domestic
Oct 15, 2012 6:00pm PDT
between the utility, public utilities commission, city of san bruno, san francisco and turn, a local consumer group them have not been able to reach an agreement on how much pg&e should pay for negligence and whether stockholders or ratepayers should foot the bill. and saying everyone should have had a role in picking a mediator. >> ross mirk ream gee back on the job after a battle to keep his job. he sat behind his desk today, eager to move forward, he says. a new year's eve domestic violence incident cost the sheriff his job until the board reinstated him last week. >> i'll continue to eat as much humble pie one, you know that i want to eat. and continue to demonstrate i'll be the sheriff people elected me to be. >> the first full day of work comes on the same day supervisors introduced domestic violence legislation in the city. the supervisor called it a coincidence. >> if there weren't a major case like the one heard last tuesday, i ti i would be strongly supporting the womens' organizations and groups to strengthen our policis.. >> to that end the sheriff insists he wants to be
Oct 19, 2012 6:00pm PDT
along the coastline here. we can see clouds along the coast and pushing locally over the bay. mainly clear skies now and mild conditions. 64 across the bay in oakland. this are the features, it will be turning sunny and mild tomorrow, rain begins sunday night. we can have a stretch of wet weather starting sunday night and going into the middle of the week. satellite images shows a frontal system north now. clear skies for us. mainly clear skies. setting maps into motion as we move into sunday. you can see clouds getting closer and closer. rain developing here point bay area by sunday evening into sunday night. looks like a wet commute monday morning. the front continues to sweep through. let's close in on that. we do have a winter storm watch in effect for much of the sierra. up to six inches above 6,000 feet. this may impact travel on interstate 880. tonight partly cloudy skies. mild conditions. lows will be into upper 50s to around 60 degrees, then looking to tomorrow mainly sunny skies, highs fromd-60s tos like over into the east bay. 75 in livermore. near monterey bay, mid-70s in
Oct 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to state and local races through payroll deductions. tapping into voter frustration, supporters say the aim is to stop the power of big money that drowns out the average joe. >> this is frustrating with gridlock unions have created. and that the little guy is not being heard. >> proposition 32 sounds balanced. both corporations and unions can't use payroll deducks for political purposes but the no side points out 99% of the corporations do not donate that way. group that's wanted to temper big money oppose 32 because they say it's too lopsided putting labor units in a great financial disadvantage its like trying to solve gang violence by taking knife as way from one gang but leaving guns in the hands of rival gangs. you know? we need a measure that is taking all special interest money out of politics.. >> california monday cause points out ceos and certain companies called llcs are exyefrt from proposition 32. the measure does nothing to curtail super pacs were down donated are unlimited and spent on behalf of a candidate per issue. >> if we lose this, we lose free speech in this state. it
Oct 25, 2012 6:00pm PDT
for three years would be redirected to local law enforcement. >> we need to replace it because it always risks executing an innocent person. >> we end up killing innocent people who could wo that be? i don't know there is one recorded instance of an innocent person having been executed in the united states in the modernera. certainly not in the state of california. >> in 1993 mark klaus's 12-year-old daughter was kip kidd napped from her home, richard allen davis was sentenced to death. he's waiting execution. >> we're talking about 2% of the individuals that are charged with mushder in the state of california. the worst 2%. now to say they're not going to get punishment doled out diminishes criminal justice system. importantly, it diminishes value of my daughter's life. >> lofr yain's 22-year-old twin boys were murdered in twun. the case has gone unsolved. >> some crazy person took an ak 47 and just sprayed my boys. and took their lives just like that. they were both in college and working. >> sheila wrote yes because she likes the idea of more funding for police and is opposed to the d
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
this decision. >> still ahead the story of an amazing come back. >> and these local baseball players have reason to cheer after losing nea >>> no matter where you are let's check with spencer christian. >> and following that, tomorrow, topping out at 100 degrees and still quite a few. and cloverdale 100 in fairfield and antioch. 101 in livermore and mid to upper 90s in other locations. and will be holt down near monterey bay again, tomorrow, highs 94 in watsonville. and inland, 99 morgan hill. 100 in gilroy. and don't forget america's cup this week underway, practice and sunny skies and winds out of the west at 10 knots. and here is the accu-weather forecast. cooling begins on wednesday further cooling thursday ask tlut the weekend by the time getting to sunday, inland highs into 70s. and quite a change. >> and thank you, spencer. >> we've heard about the little league team from petaluma that went to little league world series. >> yes. but what you may not know is another boy's team made it to its own world series. >> michael fin gee here with a team overcame great diversity and won it all. >> y
Oct 5, 2012 6:00pm PDT
opened fire on two 17-year-old robbers. and this two robbers fled and ended up in a local hospital. one teenager died and another in critical condition. police describing the man who fired shots as a good samaritan in the city's mayor says that praise is appropriate. >> this is a good choice of words describing what happened. someone chose to get involved. >> one of the woman who was held up told me she was terrified. loyal customers say the man did the right thing. >> there is a way to protect himself. he did a good thing, i think. >> police looked at video and investigators say the shooting appears justified. >> there are consequences to actions and this does sometimes end in death. >> the case will be reviewed by the district attorney. >> this is going to be a very busy weekend. coming up next there is a taxi medallions that arrived today just in time to get you around town. >> and i'm spencer christian. special events and activities this weekend will skies be cloudy or blue? i'll answer that in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and later the california campaign commercial that
Oct 8, 2012 6:00pm PDT
in need of repair? is how one local couple handled this situation. >> there is a cloud free picture andñrç sprinkles may >>> the president has come here in the middle of a gas crisis, prices hit a new all time high in california the average price at $4.66 a gallon. sanxdÑ jose, $4.67. these prices may start coming down, soob. after a phone callwom the governor state regulator as agreed to allow patients to start -- stations to start selling winder blend gasoline about three weeks earlier than usual. winter blend gasoline releases more pollution into the environment but the tradeoff is that it will increase the supplyi] of gasxd and help bring prices down. >> gasoline prices have set a record high. we are paying that and set about that. but they will be coming down and will be maybe not coming down as rapidly as everyone wants. >> shell issued a statement ppen÷ú overnight z moreç complicated than flipping a switch so will take time, shell says, but we're able to do it and now, we're working on it, senator boxer called for an investigation saying prices should not rise this far, this
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13